I Really Need a Bra!

Several weeks ago someone posted a website on my FB page as a joke or maybe a dare. I don't really know which but I clicked on the link and it was The Painted Art Bra Project  So I checked it out. Well hell yeah I'm gonna paint a bra for Breast Cancer Awareness and a fundraiser. So I walk into the house and ask my wife if I could have a bra. Well, she looked slowly up at me with a somewhat worried look and said nothing. I said, "I want to use it to do art". She replied, "Of Course you do". With that response I explained what the project was about and she graciously gave me a canvas. Being an artist gives you opportunities that you would not get in other professions. So I painted the twins from my Shadowland series on the bra connected by the pink awareness ribbon. It was the profile picture for a week on their FB page. Bra, donated. Talent, free. Doing something you love to do for an awesome cause? Priceless.