The Big Burnout


So after five years of excessive art exhibitions and grandiose projects like “The Upstate Book Project” and the Splatterpunx CD release party, I finally burned out. I had given up classroom teaching and most commercial work which is where I started this journey in the first place. I had only been teaching private students and, except for an “Open Studio” class at my own studio, I had also given up classroom teaching. It was December 2017 and I needed a new direction.

So after the holidays, I set out to return to my roots. The bad thing about complacency is that you don’t know you are until you aren’t anymore. My plan was to focus on commercial work and advertising. So that’s just what I did.January and February I worked on an image-only booklet to mail out to prospective clients. Within a few weeks of advertising, I received a call to do several projects for a new restaurant opening in the historic Baber - Rhyne building in downtown

Spartanburg called Daily Basics which I worked on from May through August of 2018. In the spring I was contacted by Wofford College to teach art classes which I had declined the previous year. Seizing the opportunity of branching out, I gladly accepted. So in September, my Wofford quest began.

During my fall session at Wofford, I received a call from Spartanburg Regional Hospital to start a multi- part project in the Pediatric ward which I started in October and am currently working on. Several commissions fell into place over the holidays completing a fantastic year of change. I was no longer burnt out. I had reinvigorated my life and career with change.

I start 2019 with a renewed sense of purpose, a new commission, upcoming mural projects, continuing classes at Wofford and finally, a new website. Hope to see you soon. Happy New Year!

Please feel free to pass along your opinion of the new site.