Azriel and the Time Schedule

So, last year I painted a series of angels titled "The Day the Angels Fell" based on a short story I had created. In a nutshell, the darkness took over the Heavens and the angels were forced to fall to earth. As they fell they became deformed and were forced into the prison of the limitations of being human and eventually were rescued by the return of the light.

That being said, I attempted to make a 3-D angel to complete the series. I used chicken wire for the skeleton and applied plaster gauze for the surface base. Then I proceeded to roll through a number of mediums hoping for a semi-permanent sculpture. (Always do your homework before the test boys and girls) Well time and different mediums came and went, so did the exhibit and here sat the angel for almost a year.

It is now August. So I called Harrison Martin, a photographer friend of mine, and asked if she would be down with photographing the angel with me. I wanted parallel photos from someone else. She agreed and asked what we were shooting. I pointed to the dilapidated sculpture. We looked at each other with a blank stare. I told her I was going to set it on fire to shoot it. Then she perked up and we set a date.

Yesterday we rode out to an undisclosed location to burn the angel of death. The first go around was lame at best. Its metal and plaster. Nothing really there to burn so back to the gas station as you will see in the video. The second time around it went more like I imagined. Ka-Woof! It went up in flames and made an excellent shoot. Collaborating with other artists is always a refreshing approach to yourself. If you haven't done it lately, it's time. Watch the video at

This is what artists with too much time on their hands and failed projects do. We make burn stuff.