So Im an Artist, Now What?

So continuing with the "Help me, I Want to be an Artist" blog. A collection of things I've learned that help my students and maybe yourself be a better artist.      Art is like love, when its there you cant deny it. When its not, you cant force it.

You can only create what you are creating now.

Your eye is one eye length away from the other.

Trees are grey not brown. So are squirrels.

Your eyes are the same size your whole life.

Rust is not brown.

Figure out what color a shadow is.

You can only be the artist that you are. Don't try to be anybody else.

You don't choose to take a break from art, it chooses when it wants to take a break from you.

You can draw without lines.

If the piece hasn't sold in 10 years, paint over it. (I'm gonna get some flack for this)

You can draw a picture without a pencil, but not without an eraser.

 Move on! Don't get trapped into a style or subject. Variety is the spice of life.

You are only as good as your last work.

Enjoy the journey not the destination. (You don't rush through your vacation, why rush through your painting?)

Perception is reality. Be perceived professionally.

Stay in touch with those that support you.

Take every class that you can.

Try different mediums. Give them a chance.

And never sell your art for less than it cost you!