Splatterpunx Invade U.S.

So, a year later, we have recorded the album, made a few videos, set up the venue and recruited the sound engineer and videographer for the performance.  We have planned the stage show, called in a few favors, made the T-shirts and designed and printed the album cover.  Also, we  bought the CD cases, burned the CD's, set up a web page,  put the CD's together (no two alike), and  secured the venue.  We've advertised, called in a few more favors, and disrupted three lives for band practice for two months, all for a 30 minute concert and my dream of actually having my own album released. Geez! All that aside, the lesson is, if it means something to you and you want to see a dream come to fruition, you have to put in to it what you expect to get out of it. So when you watch the video, hear the songs, listen to the album, or watch the DVD, know that a year's worth of work, planning, sacrifice, and friendship went in to making a single complex art project. Progress takes time..... and passion. Join us for the Splatterpunx CD/MP3 release party at The Showroom at Hub-Bub Saturday, February 28th from 6-9. It will be a once in a lifetime experience. Trust me!