OK, so still waiting on my upcoming show, as usual, I have already started three other, well, maybe four other projects. As the artist's mind works, I am constantly looking to top the last thing. It's only great for a few minutes, like the news headlines. It's sensational today but what do you have to do the have a lasting effect on your audience? New headlines, of course. I don't just keep doing things to keep y'all entertained. I keep exploring to keep myself entertained and challenged as well. Just like in the music industry, the art industry is you are only as good as your last creation. Like an archeologist, a new find is a new lover. Something to keep me interested until the next comes along. As artists, we can never rest on our laurels. We have to keep our audience as well as our selves hungry for more. Luckily, I'm at no loss for creativity. That works for both of us. As long as I keep exploring new territory, we both have something to learn. I hope you, as my audience gets the best experience from my excursions and discoveries and keep coming back to be fed. I know when I was an upcoming artist, I wished I had a resource like this to turn to to help me get a handle on things I might not have been aware of. I guess what I'm saying is art is never complete, it's like life. It's a journey, not a destination. So keep creating, challenging yourself and growing as an artist because if we are really good, we leave a legacy that will last longer than great-grandchildren ever will.