Several days after my art exhibit "SE7EN" went up in the Artist Guild Gallery, I received several emails asking why I had put up green paper on the doors. I responded with, "Hell no, they didn't"! My exhibit had been censored by the very entity that stands for personal expression. I understand that the students had an art exhibit also but if I didn't deem their work appropriate, would I be allowed to put paper over their work? No! I would not. The minority rules now. Especially if they have a dollar that will help the cause. If this had been at a public mall or a church, I would understand. But an Art Museum? Really? When did the artistic community abandon their rights and integrity for a dollar? If money is what it is all about then we as artists should abandon all hopes of creativity. It will become nothing more than a commercial for what the system deems appropriate. Then we will all be forced to bow and kneel to the standard of what the general public thinks is appropriate. After all, is this not why we are artists in the first place? To express ourselves? I create for me, and if no one wants it, well, I stack it against the wall and I keep doing what I want to whether it sells or not. If our creative outlets such as art museums don't stand up for artists' rights, then who will? Just saying.

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