I will have an exhibit of my new body of work entitled "SEVEN" in the Artist Guild Gallery located at the Chapman Cultural Center / Spartanburg Museum of Art during the month of April. The show goes up March 30th and will be on display through April 28th. The reception for this exhibit will be Thursday, April 21st from 6-9pm at the Artist Guild Gallery. This is a joint venture with Aaron Troski who also did SEVEN pieces based around the number SEVEN.This body of work is a departure from the fantasy type of work I have created in the past few years and returns to the sculptural polished style I started with. Influenced by photographers, master painters, new techniques, models, and my love for surrealistic application, I have executed SEVEN paintings based around the number SEVEN, the number of the universe. As a figure drawing instructor, I am constantly challenged by the human form as artists have been for centuries and needed the challenge of the ultimate subject matter-the human body. As I worked, the paintings evolved. I went from tight and safe to loose and experimental. And ya'll know I don't do "loose". Letting go of that "control" was good. It let me grow. So come see the exhibit and attend the reception, April 21st at the Directions to the Artist Guild Gallery  in downtown Spartanburg from 6-9, if possible. It's gonna rule!