People ask me for advice all the time on how to be a successful artist or how to get ahead in the industry. Sometimes its, "How do you make a living as an artist", sometimes its, " how do you get that effect, how do you do this and that", etc. With this said, I have complied a list of things to make you a better artist as well as to see things from an artists perspective, or at least mine. The list is as follows:

Paint what you feel not what is popular. You will get much more satisfaction out of what you do.

Study the Masters. It is always good practice to re-produce master work.

Be yourself. Nobody is interested in a facade you have created for yourself.

Don't be a copycat. Everyone has seen Thomas Kincade, don't try to be him.

Listen to old people. They have something we don't have. Experience.

Don't explain yourself. You need no explanation.

Go see art shows you don't care about. There is something to be found in all of them.

Go to work with a fellow artist for a day. Realize that someone else's art is just as important to them as yours is to you.

Go to other towns and visit the "art" district. Embrace their culture. Make it your own.

Don't feel like you're selling out if you do commercial work. If you make a living as an artist it doesn't matter how you get paid.

Every now and then you are going to do a shitty piece. Accept it and move on.

There's nothing more valuable than experience. There's nothing more expensive than regret.

When you work, turn off all of your gadgets. Distraction is the devil.

Tell your parents what you are working on. They care.

Build a website you are proud of. Then maintain it.

Stay on the art scene. Don't let your ego destroy you.

And Never think you are the best. Even if you are.