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 I've been reading a number of artist magazines for years now and I have to say there are very few worth my time. I read one after the other and the main articles are how to paint a watercolor landscape or a bowl of fruit. Really? Is this what we pay to learn? I mean, we can take a class at your local art school. to learn these techniques. Last Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me a few artist magazines and after reading them, I thought damn, there is hope. They were full of diverse art and techniques I have not seen. The information was relevant to where I am in the industry and actually gave me information I could use. As an educator, I am expected to be able to accommodate the current art trend. Whether it be comic book and anime art, calligraphy, or stop animation, I have to be educated on popular mediums whether I use it or not. With this said, I look for resources such as trendy art magazines for guidance in these fields and have found that as an industry, for me, the artist magazines are not doing what I look to them for. We need more innovation from these resources. I mean, would it really hurt them to get out of the comfort zone and tell us how to turn paragons into characters in Photoshop? I mean, come on, lets get diverse. As artists we should voice our opinion to our resources. We shouldn't send them emails telling them how much we liked their article on such and such, we should email them and tell them what we would like to see instead. Just Saying.