I created a group of characters one Sunday in church. 9.7.03 to be exact. What happened after that became a fourteen year journey to finally release the characters from their entombment in a body of words I created, yet left captive unintentionally. I created so many characters that I eventually had to come up with a reason for their existence; thus, creating Shadowland, a Mayberry-type town with all the charm of Halloween-Town. With such wholesome characters as Miss Willie and Flo to some not-so- trustworthy ones such as Dr. Simon. 

Although Shadowland has been a continuing story, for now, I have decided to sell off the entire remaining inventory and merchandise with the publication of the book. All originals and prints will be sold at a special price. There will be a final run of the original "Greta" t-shirt available at the book signing/release party. Several other t-shirts have been planned for the future release of the "Epilogue" but the "Greta" shirt will be retired permanently and will not reprinted. So join the many people who have signed on to the Shadowland cult and pre-order yours before it's too late!   

Finally, the Shadowland story will be told! I apologize to all the fans who waited so long to find out about their favorite character but hope it was worth the wait. I am currently waiting on a physical proof. Once received, I will have several scholars read and make any final edits. Then, it's just a matter of logistics. 

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